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Daniel Burlan and Marius Neagru, laid-off from the management of CE Oltenia

26 January 2023
General Interest

Daniel Burlan, the president of the Directorate of the Oltenia Energy Complex, and Mariu Neagru, a member of the directorate, were replaced from the management of the Oltenia Energy Complex, with a majority vote of the Supervisory Board, according to sources cited by Financialintelligence.

After the accident at the Jilț quarry, in which three employees lost their lives and several were injured, Minister Virgil Popescu requested the resignation of the executive management of CE Oltenia.

A few days ago, the Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu announced that those from the Ministry’s Control Body completed the preliminary report on the tragedy at the Jilţ Sud Quarry in which three people died and that he requested the change of position of the president of the Directorate of the Oltenia Energy Complex Daniel Burlan and of Marius Negru, member of the CE Oltenia directorate.

“Following the preliminary report and all the information I received recently in Târgu Jiu, I would like to present you the following measures. I will request or even now I do request and also in writing, through the control report, to the Supervisory Council of CE Oltenia the release from the position of president of the general directorate, general director and members of the directorate of the last two who were part of the old directorate, respectively of Mr. Daniel Burlan and Marius Negru. Endangering the lives of employees who come to work every day to earn a living is unacceptable. Unfortunately, this happened at CE Oltenia and the use of machines with an age, some of them, of over 40 years is inadmissible. Their degree of wear, likewise, is according to the lifespan. None of the people found responsible will be omitted from the report. From an administrative point of view, we will continue to expand the control regarding all purchases from CE Oltenia that go to the coal mining quarries. We want to see exactly what happened. We want to see why the access roads to the quarry were not in good conditions,” previously said Virgil Popescu.

He also said that he requested the change of the commercial director in charge of procurement, the one responsible for road rehabilitation, as well as the identification of the people responsible for the procurement specifications.

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