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Cristian Dragomir, CEO of WALDEVAR Energy: This year the “relevant projects in terms of installed capacity” start

24 June 2024
Large scale

The market for the installation of large-scale renewable energy power plants faces many challenges, but for WALDEVAR Energy, the relevant projects start this year, said Cristian Dragomir, CEO of the company.

“Relevant projects in terms of installed capacity and connections to 400 kV lines start this year and will be completed in 2025, and the trend is upward going forward,” Dragomir said at the Energy Strategy Summit 2024, organized by Energynomics.

However, challenges remain in the market. One of these is the shortage of heavy machinery used to transport construction materials to the site where a renewable power plant is being built. There are also problems with the unavailability of accommodation for workers.

“The election campaign is over, but the agricultural campaign has started. That wouldn’t be a problem, but all the heavy machinery is being used in the agricultural sector at the moment and that’s a fantastic challenge. Sometimes you run into the problem of workers’ accommodation. And it is not always possible to make up for lost time later,” Dragomir added.

WALDEVAR Energy has 270 MW of photovoltaic power generation projects under construction, and the company’s annual solar unit construction capacity has reached 800 MW. The company has increased its number of employees to over 600, of which 20% are expats. It will commission 267 MW of projects this year, with another 600 MW to be delivered by 2025. Also, since March last year to date, the company has finalized the design for 67 MW solar plants and a high-voltage substation, and is looking forward to delivering integrated solutions in this sector.

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