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Cristian Croitor, Claritech: Energy performance is closely linked to operational efficiency

11 May 2021

Energy performance is closely linked to operational efficiency, stressed Cristian Croitor, Managing Director at Claritech, at EnergynomicsTalks. There are at least four categories of factors that stimulate interest and accelerate energy efficiency actions: European-funded programmes, standards imposed at group level, top-down approach and government programmes.

Claritech sees a growing interest in energy efficiency themes in later years, and most often this is the result of the involvement of top management – CEO, CIO or CTO. “They impose certain standards and parameters that need to be improved in the context of budgets that need to be reduced for more efficient businesses. We have seen this in the data-centre area where there are clear indicators of energy consumption, and multinational companies require improvement of these indicators every year,” explained Cristian Croitor.

In the case of public buildings, “we need to be more pragmatic and we need a kind of ‘Rabla’ programme for energy efficiency”, argues Cristian Croitor. A good thing is that in schools that were renovated, for example, monitoring systems and BMS have been installed. “Where we can help is to aggregate and normalize the data collected, so that it can be presented in a way that allows decisions to be made, possibly including automation for avoiding human error.”

Claritech has over 14 years of experience in solutions for telecommunications infrastructure and IoT networks in Romania, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With a team of more than 30 engineers and technicians, Claritech designs, installs and integrates remote monitoring systems for critical infrastructure management of data centres, retail networks, logistics warehouses, as well as systems and networks for monitoring air pollution (mobile stations for monitoring particulate pollution or urban air quality sensor networks).

“We can deliver complete solutions for all those who have responsibilities in the operating area of the city infrastructure, whether in the public or private area. In addition, we have a national structure made up of teams for installation and maintenance. This allows us to provide integration services for more customers, regardless of geographical area,” said Cristian Croitor.

EnergynomicsTalks is an editorial product launched by the Energynomics communication platform aiming at encouraging a constant professional dialogue in the Romanian energy community during the state of emergency and amid the restrictions imposed by the social distancing approach.

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