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Conpet: Turnover grows 1.7%, EBITDA up 3.5% in H1

18 August 2020

Bogdan Tudorache

Conpet reported an increase in turnover of 1.7%, the net profit increasing by 1.9% in the first half (H1), compared to the similar value of the previous year. Earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were higher by 3.5%, and productivity per employee increased by 5%, the company reported.

During the six-month period to June 30, 2020, CONPET made investments worth 44.95 million lei. The budget of revenues and expenditures provides for total investments of 97.5 million lei for 2020. On 30.06.2020, CONPET S.A. had a market capitalization of 673.55 million lei (140.3 million euro), occupying the 20th position in the “Top 25 of issuers by capitalization”, according to the Conpet report submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The company transported, between January and June 2020, 1.74 million tons of domestic products – crude oil, condensate and gasoline, 0.5% more than in H1 2019 and almost 1.7 million tons of imported products – 9% more than was provided in the revenue and expenditure budget.

Thus, the transport of products increased by 0.3% in total in H1.

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