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Conpet increased oil transportation rates

9 February 2021

Transportation rates through the National Transportation System for crude oil, gasoline, condensate and ethane were increased, according to a report by Conpet submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

For the activity of the country subsystem, the tariff increased from 87.53 lei/ton to 91.03 lei/ton (4%), and for the activity of the import subsystem, the modification of the transport tariffs for the Arpechim, Ploieşti and Petromidia refineries was approved, as follows: for Arpechim refinery the tariff increased from 40.40 lei/ton to 42.00 lei/ton for the tranche of less than 120,000 tons/month and from 17.25 lei / ton to 17.90 lei/ton for the tranche greater than 120,000 tons/month; for the refineries in the Ploieşti Basin (Petrobrazi and Lukoil) the tariff increased from 39.50 lei/ton to 40.90 lei/ton for the tranche less than 120,000 tons/month and from 17 lei/ton to 17.60 lei/ton for a tranche of more than 120,000/month; for the refineries from Petromidia the tariff increased from 15 lei/ton to 16.50 lei/ton for the tranche less than 120,000 tons/month and from 12.85 lei/ton to 14.40 lei/ton for the tranche higher than 120,000 tons/month.

Conpet offers specialized oil transport services through pipelines and rail tank wagons (CF), ensuring the supply of oil refineries and its derivatives from domestic production and import, according to Agerpres.

The company operates a 3,800-kilometer-long pipeline network that crosses 24 counties.

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