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CIS Gaz: Investments in energy infrastructure would reduce energy costsfor the population

23 July 2023

In 2022 and the first semester of this year, many Romanians complained about higher energy bills, as costs increased by 100% in some cases, compared to the same period of the previous year. Utility costs have risen a lot or very much in the last 12 months, believe more than 95% of Romanians who participated in a survey initiated by CIS Gaz, one of the most important Romanian companies active in the natural gas industry, among 1,383 respondents at national level. Almost 37% of those interviewed draw attention to the fact that investments in the energy infrastructure of the country would have a major impact in reducing bills for the population, in the context in which 64% of the subjects ensure their heating with their own natural gas plant.

More than 82% of respondents pointed out that this winter’s bills were at least 25% higher than the previous winter, and almost 80% say that the impact on the family budget was strong or very strong. Among the measures that should be taken to mitigate the impact of bills on the population level, apart from infrastructure investments, would be the need to invest in better insulation of homes (44.3%), which would lead to increased energy efficiency, and the granting of additional aid for the installation of solar panels (33.7%).

In order to cope with the high costs, almost 50% of Romanians claim that they have reduced the temperature in the home, 38.6% have reduced the budgets allocated to other expenses, and over 24% have invested to reduce the energy losses of the home.

Heating (52.6%) and large appliances (30.2%) are considered by Romanians to be the biggest energy consumers in their home, and the biggest energy losses would occur through windows, doors (32.5%) and walls (27.8%).

The CIS Gaz survey on Romanians’ perception of energy system problems was carried out, at the national level, in June 2023 through the iVox platform, on a total sample of 1,383 Internet users from Romania. Just over 50% of participants are male, over 48% are at least 45 years old, and over 86% live in urban areas.


About CIS Gas

CIS GAZ is a Romanian company with 100% private capital, founded in 1990 and is today one of the most important players in the oil and natural gas industry in Romania, specializing in the execution of surface technological installations, natural gas collection pipelines, natural gas transport pipelines and their related compression stations, as well as the execution of connections and natural gas regulation-measurement stations.

Throughout its entire activity, CIS Gaz has implemented numerous strategic projects both locally and abroad, having a strong international presence and exclusive partnerships for a full range of state-of-the-art products and services. Starting from 2022, CIS Gaz is also a member of IPLOCA (The International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association), the largest association in the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industry worldwide.

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