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CEZ Vânzare identified over 255,000 energy poor households in 5 cities in Oltenia

22 October 2020

A study conducted by CEZ Vânzare within the European Social Watt project identified 5 localities with the highest degree of energy poverty. Out of the 1,120 localities analyzed in the Oltenia area, Craiova, Pitești, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Râmnicu Vâlcea and Târgu Jiu stand out.

The study consists of an analysis of data on energy consumption figures for 1,039,080 customers of CEZ Vânzare; parameters that were taken into account were the annual gas and electricity consumption, the bills values, the location of the customers, the average income, as well as the reports of power outages transmitted by them.

The European SocialWatt project supports the contribution of energy and utility providers in reducing energy poverty by using decision-making support tools, including by bridging the gap between energy companies and social services, in order to develop administrative capacity. SocialWatt started in September 2019 and has lasts of 36 months.

Starting from the study, CEZ Vânzare initiated the information campaign #PromisiuneaPentruAcasă, in which consumers from all over the country can discover how energy-efficient their homes are. By completing the questionnaire on the Efficiency Portal platform and answering a few simple questions, adapted to their type of home, users can find out if they have a green house – permanently efficient, a blue house – optimal, a yellow house – consumer or a red house – inefficient energy.

“Each day, we have to choose between more and more gadgets for home or for office, more types of doors or windows that promise to help us and offer us comfort”, observes Cornelia Szabo, Executive Director and President of CEZ Vânzare. “However, all this means higher energy consumption when there is no responsible behavior,” she said. “Our lives become simpler not when we have more sophisticated electronic devices, but when we choose and use them more efficiently.”

Thus, CEZ Vânzare also makes available to the public an E-book that offers 10 energy efficiency tips applicable to any type of home to optimize the consumption of electricity, natural gas or water and, implicitly, to reduce the cost with monthly bills.

Top 3 recommendations for energy efficiency

  1. Seals doors, windows and all the other vent or other openings
  2. Keep the temperature constant at home with a thermostat
  3. Do not cover the radiators

The e-book with all the tips can be downloaded for free after completing the questionnaire.

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