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CEZ Group in Romania became EVRYO Group

9 April 2024

As of 8 April 2024, the CEZ Group in Romania has become the EVRYO Group, following a rebranding process required after the acquisition through which Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) took over the companies of the CEZ Romania Group 3 years ago.

Bringing together the companies Distribuție Energie Oltenia, Ovidiu Development, Tomis Team, MW Team Invest, TMK Hydroenergy Power and EVRYO Power, the EVRYO Group manages and operates the largest operational onshore wind farm in Romania, produces green energy through the hydropower system near Reșița and operates the first floating solar photovoltaic system in Romania.

EVRYO promises to continue to innovate energy production and distribution. “We have been present in Romania for 19 years and produce green energy with the largest private generation capacities in the country. We distribute energy in a quarter of Romania, in the Oltenia region,” said Ondrej Safar, CEO of EVRYO Group.

Through the company Distribuție Oltenia, EVRYO manages and invests in the distribution network that supplies electricity to a quarter of the country in the Oltenia and Muntenia region.

“Our new name expresses the reality of being a major player in green energy production, as well as our mission to work for the benefit of all people: colleagues, communities, the whole country. We have both clear sustainability goals and a zero emissions target for 2040 and concrete plans to make them a reality,” explained Angelica Barbu, EVRYO Chief People and Brand Officer.

More information on how the new brand name and identity, EVRYO, came about can be found in this video.

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