Burghiu: I knew that RADET would go bankrupt because you can’t afford to pay a historical debt of 3.7 billion lei


The bankruptcy of RADET was imminent, because the district heating company had no source from which to pay the historical debt of 3.7 billion lei that it has to Elcen, said on Thursday, Alexandru Burghiu, Termoenergetica’s manager.

Termoenergetica has taken over, since December 1, the service of distribution and supply of heat in the Capital.

“Thermal energy in Bucharest is the hottest topic, so to speak. We all see and know that it is an abnormal level of services for the 21st century, but to see what are the methods of solving this system we must see which are the causes. So far, everything has gone well until something happens. We are talking about a system of 4,000 kilometers and 1,023 thermal points. There are only four CETs out of the six designed. That’s why a lot of unpleasant facts happen in deficient areas, such as District 1, 2, Colentina and Pantelimon areas, where we all know what has been happening lately and over the years, that this is a problem of the last 15 years,” Burghiu said, according to Agerpres.

He showed that this level of damage and problems was reached because the only major project done was from 1995 to 2004, when 110 kilometers of pipeline were replaced.


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