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Burduja: I promised to do everything necessary to keep a fair price for energy and gas

30 October 2023

The Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, initiated a meeting on Monday morning with the representatives of the electricity and gas supply companies and the banking institutions involved in the energy supply scheme, in order to identify solutions regarding the capping scheme – compensation of the prices of energy bills .

“From the beginning of my mandate, I undertook to do everything necessary to be able to keep a fair price for electricity and gas for Romanians and Romanian companies. The solutions included the promotion of GEO 30/2023 through which the Ministry of Energy made payments of over 3 billion lei for the payment of debts to suppliers. Also, last week, together with the Minister of Finance, Marcel Boloş, we found the solution to make payments both from the Transition Fund and from other legally established sources, which represents the commitment of the Romanian Government to support the national energy system through all possible instruments. Through today’s working meeting, the Ministry of Energy facilitates a partnership framework between supply companies and financial-banking institutions to facilitate access to financing at the lowest possible cost. We discuss of a factoring product, based on tripartite conventions. Such innovative solutions are needed to be able to ensure the functioning of the entire Romanian energy sector in optimal conditions”, stated Sebastian Burduja, in a statement quoted by Agerpres.

The Ministry of Energy has constantly made efforts to compensate suppliers and cover price differences, with the objective of maintaining a competitive price for domestic and non-domestic consumers and avoiding liquidity problems in the system.

In this context, the Ministry of Energy supports the maintenance of these compensation schemes – price caps through which more than 5 million households paid only 35 lei on their energy bill.

Also, the ministry created this link between banks and energy suppliers to protect consumers and maintain low energy prices for Romanians and Romanian companies.

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