Ariston Thermo’s business grows by 10% in 2019


The Italian group Ariston Thermo, one of the largest global manufacturers of equipment for heating and domestic hot water production, last year recorded sales of about 250 million lei in Romania, up about 10% compared to 2018.

“Locally, the group has been present for 22 years through the subsidiary Ariston Thermo Romania, the market leader in thermal power plants and electric boilers. The local subsidiary of the group ended last year with sales of approximately 250 million lei, up by about 10% compared to 2018. Ariston Thermo’s business recorded in 2019 the best year in the company’s history in Romania, benefiting from a favorable economic growth context and the growth of the construction sector,” the group announced.

Also, the group’s investments in research and development exceeded the amount of 77 million euro at the end of 2019.

Ariston Thermo has 7,500 employees globally, annual revenues of 1.7 billion euro and over 8.2 million products sold annually in over 150 countries, writes “The group’s investments in research and development have exceeded the amount of 77 million euros at the end of 2019,” the group shows. The group announced on Wednesday that 2019 was its best year in history, with revenues of 1.71 billion euros, up more than 6% over the previous year. Approximately 72% of revenues were generated in 2019 by solutions that use energy from renewable sources and have high efficiency. Ariston’s goal is that in 2022 over 80% of its revenues will be generated by such solutions.


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