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ANRE tariffs may grow to 1% of revenue – ANRE denies

3 July 2017

The tariffs charged by energy and telecommunication market regulators, ANRE and ANCOM, will increase at 1% of the turnover, according to the new Government Program published on the Chamber of Deputies website.

The measure appears under the heading “Energy Policies” under the “Proposals to modify the legislative framework” measure and is not detailed in any way.

However, the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), Niculae Havrilet, said that the institution he is conducting is extrabudgetary, and the Government has no attribution in establishing the perceived tariffs.

“I do not know what it is about (the measure from the new governance program – e.n.). Both institutions, ANRE and ANCOM, are extrabudgetary institutions, and we are making our own budget, which is approved by order of the president”, said Havrilet.

ANRE was under the coordination of the Head of Government until 2012, when it was subordinated to the Parliament.

According to the statute of the institution, ANRE is an autonomous administrative authority with legal personality, under parliamentary control, entirely financed from its own revenues, independent at decisional, organizational and functional level.

In the case of ANRE, the perceived contribution for the licensees holders operating in the electricity and gas trading sector represents 0,08% of the turnover, but there are a multitude of other tariffs depending on the type of certification, attestation and authorization, according to Agerpres.

Perceiving tariffs of 1% out of the turnover, from regulated companies, would mean significant amounts, as the energy and telecommunication markets are among the largest in Romania, in the order of billions of euros.

At the same time, ANCOM is an autonomous public authority with legal personality, financed entirely from its own revenues, under parliamentary control.

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