ANRE: Energy distributors have new standards, they must install quality analysis equipment by 2026


Bogdan Tudorache

The regulatory body of the energy market (ANRE) approved in the meeting of the Regulatory Committee on Tuesday a new order regarding the performance standard for the electricity distribution service. In this case, the new provisions introduce new market standards and also the gradual introduction, according to a calendar, of quality analysis equipment, until 2026.

“The approved normative act provided a gradual calendar for the installation of quality analyzers so that 100% of the power stations will be monitored with the help of these equipments until the end of 2026, respectively 100% of the transformation stations until 01.01.2028. This implementation program is correlated with the provisions of the implementation schedule of intelligent electricity metering systems at national level, approved by ANRE, offering concessionaire distribution operators the regulatory framework for organizing the activity and planning investments in electricity distribution networks so that they ensure a quality service to all users served,” says the market regulatory body.

New compensation

At the same time, ANRE provides for the inclusion of short interruptions, between 3 seconds and 3 minutes, in the category of interruptions that are monitored and for which the distribution operators are obliged to grant compensations when exceeding the maximum number established by the standard. For each such exceedance, the distribution operators will grant compensation to all affected users, as follows: for high voltage: 300 RON over 10 interruptions per year; for medium voltage: 10 RON over 10 outages per week and for low voltage: 5 RON over 10 outages per week.

“The impact of this measure is positive for users, as the inclusion of monitoring short interruptions and providing compensation to users in excess of the maximum number set by the standard contributes to forcing the operator to take rapid and effective measures to remedy malfunctions that currently occur in different areas of the low voltage network and which can cause the depreciation of household appliances, as well as generating customer inconvenience,” say ANRE officials.

ANRE allows users to set up “at their own expense” quality analysis equipment, which can be used in contractual relations between them and distribution operators.

At the same time, ANRE raises the distribution standards, providing “the reduction, starting with 01.01.2022, of the allowed positive deviation of the low voltage supply voltage from +10% to +5% of the value of the nominal voltage, monitored weekly”.

This change ensures the correlation with the value of the maximum allowable voltage for electrical and electronic equipment that supplies low voltage, owned by network users.

For non-compliance with the performance indicators regarding the quality of the voltage curve, the distribution operator has the obligation to grant users the following compensations: for legal entities – 270 RON at 110kV, respectively 130 RON at JT (low voltage) and MT (medium voltage) for each period monitoring, and for individuals: 270 RON at 110kV, respectively 70 RON at JT and MT for each monitoring period.

At the same time, ANRE obliges distributors to add “to the commercial quality indicators of the distribution service” the 90-day deadline for making the connection, including the reception and commissioning of the connection installation for users of domestic and non-household final customers whose consumption places are supplied by connection installations with lengths of up to 2,500 meters.

For non-compliance with this indicator, a compensation amount of 100 RON was provided, regardless of the voltage level or the category of the user (natural/ legal person). The aim is to improve the activity of connecting users to electricity distribution networks.

Additionally, for non-compliance with the provisions of the performance standard, the distribution operator is sanctioned according to the provisions of the Law on electricity and natural gas no. 123/2012, with subsequent amendments and completions, with a fine from RON 10,000 to RON 200,000.

ANRE also requested establishing new intervals for taking telephone calls, but the actual takeover by the operator can occur after 20 minutes.


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