Ana Tower – the first office building in Bucharest that meets LEED Platinum Green Buiding standard, inaugurated by PwC


Ana Tower has today the first premium tenants – with the relocation of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Romania and D&B David and Baias.

“The relocation of the two companies attests that the building erected by Ana Tower Offices brings a new quality standard on the Romanian market. Ana Tower is the first office building in Bucharest that meets LEED Platinum Green Buiding standard. The certification proves the concern for the protection of the environment during the construction and in the process of choosing the natural materials and finishes, of high quality,” say the officials of the representative company.

“We are pleased that the first tenant of the building is PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a highly prestigious multinational, who understood the definite advantages offered by this project and decided to capitalize on them. The building was successfully completed within the stipulated term – something rarely found in Romania. Moreover, the building is located in an extremely dynamic area of the city, which will become the future “City” of Bucharest. We have strived to meet all the requirements of PwC and those of the future tenants, including those regarding the connection with the subway stations, car parking spaces, electric vehicle recharging stations, but also the creation of facilities for bicycle users,” said Gheorghe Copos, the developer of the building.

Ana Tower meets all international fire safety standards and the skyscraper structure is designed to withstand any 9-degree seismic activity on the Richter scale. In addition, tenants benefit from eight state-of-the-art elevators – Schindler high-speed – installed for the first time in Romania. The building has 1,300 square meters of commercial space and over 400 parking spaces.


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