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Alive Capital bought Da Vinci New Project – a 23 MW PV park

29 November 2023

Alive Capital bought Da Vinci New Project, a project company that owns a photovoltaic plant of about 23 MW.

“We inform about the completion of the acquisition procedure of 100% of the social shares of Da Vinci New Project S.R.L (“Da Vinci”). Da Vinci is in the midst of developing a photovoltaic park located in the town of Nanov, Teleorman county, with a maximum capacity of 23.1 MW and owns the surface rights over two plots of land of 80,000 sq m and 167,500 sq m, respectively, on which build the park On 20.11.2023, the contract for the assignment of 100% of Da Vinci’s social shares was signed, and starting from this date, Alive Capital S.A. becomes the sole associate,” according to a report sent to the Stock Exchange.

“Also, on the date of signing the assignment contract, Da Vinci submitted a project for obtaining financing through the PNRR/2022/C6/M ENERGIE/I 1 program, which also includes the development of a system for storing energy produced with a capacity of up to at 4.62 MW,” the release also states.

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