Vornicu, CEZ: 50 million euros have been invested with European funds, the distribution network will self-diagnose and self-repair


CEZ Romania’s distribution network will self-diagnose and self-repair, says Doina Vornicu, Operations Director, CEZ Romania.

CEZ is running three pilot projects with Siemens. “It has basically gone from the parameters in which a network has to work. Any deviation creates problems. We will install sensors that can identify the deviations and variations that occur online. The process computer makes decisions based on the information received,” explained CEZ Romania representative, according to investenergy.ro.

At CEZ Romania, employees work with tablets. “Everything is online and live. Our electricians work with tablets. They get online all the information necessary to identify the troubled customer and decide if they can solve the problem alone or call the center. All of the information comes online for reconnecting the customer. At CEZ we made the leap in another era and we are proud of our employees,” said Doina Vornicu. A project that we are currently working on is collecting data for the Geographic Information System to have clients’ coordinates, Vornicu said.

At the same time, Oltenia Distribution has accessed European non-reimbursable European funds worth EUR 50 million for 7 projects, such as: Management Data Media, Asset Management, Sonio – transmission of average and low-voltage online data in dispatchers and others.


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