Transgaz’ reply to ANRE’s statements on BRUA: They are not in line with professional ethics


The national gas carrier Transgaz considers that its image may suffer due to the statements made by a representative of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). “Such statements are not in line with professional ethics, given that they are contrary to what ANRE previously approved based on the analysis of documents and information requested and provided by the company,” reads a statement from Transgaz.

A few days ago, Maria Mânicuţă, director within ANRE, said that the gas transmission tariffs will increase next year, after the BRUA pipeline will be put into use. This is given that the pipeline would have no gas to transport. That is, it will be an empty pipe, according to

In reply, Transgaz says that “at no time has ANRE been widowed by the necessary information, and the recent position, by which large-scale investments are called into question out of the blue, in a public and unfounded context, is likely to harm trust in the company and its projects and thus affect its capital, both financial and reputational.”

Transgaz considers that these statements infringe its image capital both in the business environment in the energy sector in which the company operates and in the capital market, being a company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


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