Repower gets out of Romania after giving up investments worth 200 mln. CHF


After last year Repower announced that it had give up to invest 200 million Swiss francs in Romania due to aberrant legislation from renewables market, the Swiss will sell and local energy trading business as well.

The local trading unit, Repower Supply Romania, is 115 millio euro annual sales company, according to

The deal closed May be by this year’s end.

The sale could be completed by the end of this year.

“According to the strategy adopted by Repower, the organization will focus its operations in its key markets, Italy and Switzerland. This initiative is part of efforts of systematic realignment of its business model to changes in the European energy industry,”said representatives of Repower.

Market sources say that negotiations are ongoing, but that among those interested aren’t utility companies, investment funds having a greater appetite for such purchases.


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