partnerg-i: Natural gas DAM price records 44.87% increase this week


The weighted average natural gas Day-Ahead Market price in October 2020 is 53.30 lei/MWh and it seems to be heading to the level in September 2020, respectively 58.97 lei/MWh.

According to partnerg-i, the natural gas Day-Ahead Market price recorded an increase of 44.87% in the last 7 days (October 17, 2020 – October 23, 2020). In the first day of the reference week, the price was 46.26 lei/MWh. In the last day of the analyzed period, the natural gas Day-Ahead Market price reached 67.02 lei/MWh.

The evolution recorded by partnerg-i takes place in the context in which the weighted average selling price of natural gas on centralized markets during July-September 2020 (the third quarter, Q3) was of 57.15 lei/MWh, 50% lower than that recorded in the same period of 2019, respectively of 114.3 lei/MWh, ANRE announced. READ MORE!
At the same time, the relevant synthetic data for the first 9 months of 2020 communicated by the Romanian Commodity Exchange – RCE show that since September, spot prices were rising rapidly. The weighted average SPOT price in September 2020 was, according to RCE, 60.97 lei/MWh, compared to levels between 40 and 45 lei/MWh in the previous four months. READ MORE!


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