Orban: We will seek solutions as quickly as possible to unlock the Black Sea gas extraction projects


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban gave a signal to investors in the energy sector, stating that the new Government will seek solutions as quickly as possible to unlock major Black Sea gas extraction projects.

He was present at Virgil Popescu’s taking of chiar as Minister of Economy, Energy and Business. “In the field of economy, we aim to regain the confidence of the business environment in the Government. We want a permanent dialogue with the business environment, involvement of the business environment in the elaboration of all the draft regulations, a permanent communication with the business environment, for which we will ensure stability and predictability and that will give a clear signal to investors that Romania is a country where you can invest with all confidence, where the state and the Government are partners for any serious investor,” said the prime minister.

Orban has shown that, unfortunately, the successive governments in the last three years have seriously affected the confidence of the business environment in the Government, according to Agerpres. “I am convinced that we have lost hundreds of millions, probably billions of euros of investments that could have come to Romania in all areas, and our fundamental objective is to support any investor, regardless of the field. The time when ordinances were given overnight, which turned awry business environment plans, passed. Both me and the ministers will generate a mechanism for consulting the representatives of the different organizations of the business environment, and the very clear objective is to establish a credibility-based, long-term partnership,” said the chief of the Executive.


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