Ministry of Energy: Romania aims to close uncompetitive mines


The closure of uncompetitive mines is a program undertaken by Romania eight years ago and targets only mines that pose serious environmental problems and lack of economic efficiency, the representatives of the Ministry of Energy (ME) claim.

„The closure of uncompetitive mines in Romania is a program undertaken by our country eight years ago, in 2011 and modified by the Ciolos Government (2016) by including two new mines in the list of economically unviable economies: Lonea and Lupeni. For thos who have not understood, this plan is not a mine closure program for Romania This is a mine closure plan for the mines that pose serious environmental problems and lack economic efficiency. Moreover, we underline that those who today apocalyptically declare the end of the mining industry in our country have approved the same state aids for the closure of non-viable mines agreed with the European Commission in a much larger amount. In particular, we are talking about the granting of the sum of 74.714 million lei for the closure of the Petrila, Paroseni and Uricani mines in 2017,” – a release of the ministry says, according to Agerpres.

The ME’s explanations come after public statements have appeared that criticize the Government’s decision to close three coal mines in the Jiu Valley.

On Wednesday, the government approved the granting of state aids for the closure of uncompetitive coal mines in the Hunedoara Energy Complex (CEH) and the National Mines Closure Company Valea Jiului (SNIM).

The Ministry of Energy states that the total amount offered by all Governments that succeeded in between 2011-2019 is 1.4 billion lei for the CEH and SNIM companies, provided that the total amount authorized by the EC for this process is 1.6 billion lei.


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