Maia Sandu: Works at Iasi-Ungheni will take several years – Moldova will import Russian gas for another five years


Bogdan Tudorache

If on the territory of the Republic of Moldova the gas pipeline that would deliver gas from Romania to an important part of the country can be ready, the works are delayed on the Romanian territory and it will take a few years and this will cause Moldova to import more Russian gas, says the new Moldovan Republic PM, Maia Sandu.

“We discussed this issue with our Romanian partners during the visit we had a while ago, and even if in the Moldovan segment, on our territory, things can be completed quite quickly, the enlargement works will continue on the territory of Romania, so that the volume of the gas can be increased. There it will take a few more years,” Maia Sandu told RFI.

“We are trying to see how works can be accelerated. Even more important in order to receive a sufficient or larger quantity of gas, it is necessary to carry out certain interconnection projects that go beyond Romania. It is about the transbalcanic project. These things will happen in a few years. We have to be aware that in the next five years we will continue to have this dependence on the only natural gas supplier, that is Russia,” the Moldovan PM said, according to

At the same time, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis assured Maia Sandu that Romania will do its utmost to unlock the European financial aid of 100 million euro, currently blocked by the actions of the former Kishinev government.


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