Lungu, AFEER: Repealing GEO 114 would lead to a 20% increase in the price of electricity to the final consumer


The appearance of GEO 114 had no justification for the electricity market, said Ion Lungu, President of the Association of Electricity Suppliers – AFEER. “(Previous to that, the market) worked very well. Now they are trying to solve something wrong with something else. We find out that there is a proposal for the return, in stages, to the liberalized electricity market. But what about a series of issues already regulated?,” asked Lungu, quoted by

The suppliers’ representative pointed out: “Will the loss recovery for the Last resort suppliers (FUI) remain in force? How will the issue of bilateral contracts be solved? Especially since aggregation is allowed … Are these still valid for small energy producers from renewable sources? What will happen with all these? There are proposals to amend Law 123, to amend articles of GEO 114, respectively of GEO 19, which must be done with the consultation of the energy market actors.”

He warned about the possibility of increasing the price of electricity by 20% to the final consumer if GEO 114 gets annulled. Which means an increase of 10 lei per month at an average consumption of 100KWh for the domestic consumer.


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  1. Avand in vedere ca va cunosc si va respect, nu a-ti inteles ca energia nu mai conteaza,specialistii trebuie dati la o parte ca fac ce trebuie, iar numirile la nivelul conducerii trebuie sa fie numai politice.

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