Ludovic Orban: Our objective is to adopt the GEO 114 amendments by year-end


The government will try to correct the Ordinance 114, said on Wednesday, at a conference held at the Academy of Economic Studies, the Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, who described this normative act as “criminal”.

According to Orban, the Government will try to make “corrections to Ordinance 114, which is a criminal normative act that creates serious problems in all areas of activity”.

“If there will not be a majority in Parliament or the time required for the Deputies to adopt the draft law to amend GEO 114/2018, a solution is to assume the responsibility of the government in Parliament in this parliamentary session,” Orban said, explaining that the objective is to adopt the changes by the end of the year, according to

In his opinion, the “great sin” of past governments “was the legislative instability of the Fiscal Code”, which put the company “in a state of turmoil, constantly adapting”. The unions today demanded the repeal of the tax on bank assets, “which does not even meet the stated objective by far because of the cascading effects it will have on the entire economy.”


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