Iulian Iancu announces the Law 123 will be changed before the end of June


Energy distributors will be forced to connect free of charge the consumers within 2.5 km of the grid. The Committee of Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies is preparing to amend the Law on Electricity and Natural Gas. The amendment of Law 123 is imperative, and is proposed to be finalized until the end of June, before the parliamentary holiday, the chief of the Commission, Iulian Iancu, said.

Invited to the launch of the Prosumer’s Guide, an EnergiaTa initiative, the President of the Commission, Iulian Iancu, expressed his concern about the connection of prosumers, which involves new costs. He announced that the Commission is working on a bill that introduces the obligation for distributors to connect free of charge to consumers within 2.5 km of the distribution grid, according to investenergy.ro.

“We have in preparation a normative act whereby all the costs of connecting the consumers located less than 2.5 km from the network are to be borne by the distribution operators, who will then recover them through the tariff,” said Iulian Iancu.

He exemplified the legislative initiative as follows: “We have farms, greenhouses on the outskirts of the villages. If they put solar panels, let’s connect them. We got rid of the problem with the building permit … and we are blocking at connection. Later, it will be a business for suppliers, also. Now we all have to assume a solidarity fee.”


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