E.ON launches a new automatic interface for contracting and services


E.ON Romania, together with DRUID, a company specialized in conversational technology, announces the launch of the “chatbot” Ioana, a solution that offers several digital interaction options with customers, such as online contracting of different types of services offered by E.ON , communication and retrieval of information to obtain personalized reports, generating alerts regarding the company’s services.

The project, which was implemented by Inform Lykos, also aimed to simplify access to existing information in various internal platforms, so that contracting services is possible without physical travel to E.ON stores to activate contracts.

Thus, IOANA can access all the information and the history of the clients and fills directly in the internal systems the data about the newly contracted clients.

For existing customers, IOANA offers multiple options: contracting new services and products, account management. For contracting a new service, such as a new gas and/or electricity contract in a new location compared to the existing one, IOANA only asks for confirmation that the identification data it knows are the real ones, then offers the service variants.


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