D. Cimpean: EC Hunedoara will go into insolvency, Ordinance 60 will save the complex


Bogdan Tudorache

The court has postponed today (Thursday, November 14) the decision on the insolvency of CE Hunedoara, but this decision will be taken as soon as possible, and the reorganization plan, in conjunction with Ordinance 60, which allows a debt to equity swap in state account, could solve the complex’ problem, told energynomics.ro Darius Cimpean, the president of the Muntele union.

“When we’ll go into insolvency, they will try to calm things down … We currently have the accounts blocked and we operate from one day to the next, but the salary rights have been granted… but we work under quite difficult conditions,” said Cimpean.

He mentioned that if CEH goes into insolvency, it will be managed by a specialized company, together with an administrator appointed by the Ministry of Economy. “For us, the future is related to Ordinance 60, which has been voted across the political spectrum in Parliament and is now being promulgated, which would allow us to reorganize, as the European Commission demands. On the one hand, the Mintia power plant would be taken over by the Hunedoara County Council, and four mines, the Paroseni power plant and a service-supply branch will form the Valea Jiului Energy Complex, or Termomin Valea Jiului, to which we will add, besides the modernized coal group – it is the most modern group in the country – also a gas group. And that’s how we’ll find a solution related to the energy mix,” he said.


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