Honeywell România

Honeywell România
NameHoneywell România
SectorEquipment Providers
DefiningThe quality of the Honeywell products and the complex solutions they offer, as well as their concern for the customer satisfaction are the attributes which make Honeywell a leader in the technology industry of the century.
Brief Turnover: 62.08 mil. lei
Profit: -9.0965 mil. lei
Employees: 253
Key People Mircea Tarta-Arsene - General Director
Honeywell is in Romania since 1960, and currently it runs two factories and sales representatives offering especially automation and control solutions and turbo systems for transport services.
Honeywell's strength lies in the diversity of its products and services: innovative technology in the production of aviation equipment to the boundary of cosmic space, comfort and safety solutions for your buildings and houses, efficiency in large industrial processes within a safe environment, materials and systems to guarantee your performance and complex systems that joins you every time you travel by car.
Honeywell activities in Romania have experienced significant growth in recent years - in terms of variety and quality of products and customer service, and the scale of operations. Areas of activity include automation and control solutions (ACS) and systems for the transportation industry (TS). These activities are carried out by over 2000 employees, within five legal entities.
ACS Division offers solutions for automation and control and it is present in Romania through two legal entities in Bucharest and Lugoj. In Bucharest, Honeywell Romania SRL is engaged in sales activities, service operations, engineering, maintenance, research and development and centralized support services.
169 A, Floreasca Avenue, Bucharest 014459
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