SectorEquipment Providers
DefiningBibus Ses combines the experience and ability of offering solutions on the Romanian market of industrial equipments with the financial power, technical competencies and logistic support.
Brief Turnover: 13.002 mil. lei
Profit: 1.44 mil. lei
Employees: 17
Bibus Group – located in Switzerland – is represented by 30 companies specialized in trade, service and production of industrial equipment, having a strong presence on the European market.
With over 60 years of experience in fluid technology, mechatronics and systems technology, the Bibus companies are a network of competency and a strong connection between the world known producers of industrial equipments and the clients.
Our fields are:
Fluid Technology & Environmental technology;
Power transmissions;
Marking Systems;
Systems & Assemblies.
Lugojului Street, no. 134/1, Ghiroda, Timis
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