CEZ Vânzare: Unique product to ensure the payment of the energy bill for 6 months


CEZ Vânzare launches a unique product on the Romanian energy market, CEZ Confort Asigurat, which protects consumers in case of illness with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, job loss or in case of damage to household appliances caused by electrical phenomena, on next to a series of benefits that ensure comfort in the home.

Through the new energy product launched by CEZ Vânzare on the liberalized market, customers are financially insured for unforeseen events in their lives that may affect the ability to pay utility bills. The product includes ensuring the payment of the energy bill for up to 6 months, through allowances amounting to 150 lei per month, in case of unforeseen situations, as well as compensation for household goods in case of damage caused by electrical phenomena by up to 2,000 euro/year.

“Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers, and CEZ Confort Asigurat is our concrete way to give confidence in the future to our customers. It is an easily accessible product, which responds to the uncertainties of the moment with financial protection, is transparent about the costs included and is a product with which our customers can fulfill their own plans. Of course, the list of benefits also includes the simple and easy access of the clients to the services they opt for,” said Cornelia Szabo, CEO of CEZ Vânzare.

The CEZ Confort Asigurat energy product is available nationally, starting with January 22, 2021.


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