Binig (Enel): We’re preparing a new website where customers can read smart meters data


E-Distribution will launch a new website where customers can have smart meter readings in their own home, said Enel Romania’s Director of Regulation and Antitrust, Valeriu Binig.

The new site of the company will become a standard in Romania and was initiated as a result of an investigation by the Competition Council at Enel, added Binig, according to Agerpres.

“We are preparing a new website, which will basically be a standard in Romania, it is built as a result of an investigation of the Competition Council, related to the network connection times, you know that there are many actors in the process of connection that have to give very many of the authorizations, and these things take a long time. After the Competition Council’s control, we committed to developing a new form of website where the applicants for the connection, will see at any moment what is the stage of their application for connection, will have specific tutorials, will be able to study intelligent smart meter reports,” the Enel official said.


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  1. Inteleg ca vom avea acasa mai multe contoare ceea ce este foarte bine.Vom regla consumul de energie electrica in fiecare camera.De platit vom plati din ce in ce mai mult, avand in vedre trendul pretului energiei electrice din ultimii ani, dar vom avea avea mai multe contoare inteligente.

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