RPIA (Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association)

RPIA (Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association)
NameRPIA (Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association)
Key PeopleCiprian Glodeanu - President
Adrian Ion - Vice-President
Mihaela Hodivoianu - Vice-President
Objectives RPIA is set to represent the interest of its members to the fast RES-E growing market in Romania. The exceptional natural conditions of Romania and the GCs support scheme have already drawn the attention of many RES-E investors. Therefore, the need of clear and competent information regarding the RES-E market and involvement in the present and future development of such is mandatory for success. To this end, RPIA commits to provide its members with the most relevant information of the RES-E market in Romania in order to offer the necessary tools for successful and effective outcomes.
Currently, Romania has adopted a fully functional support scheme for promoting the production of electricity from renewable sources. The support scheme is based on the allocation of a certain number of green certificates (“GCs”) for supported technologies together with mandatory acquisition quotas of allocated GCs, imposed to the electricity suppliers.
The GCs support scheme applicable in Romania is largely viewed as one of the most favorable support schemes of RES-E production in the EU. Solar PV, among the supported technologies, is awarded with the most GCs for each MWh produced and injected into the electric grid (i.e. 6 GCs/MWh). GCs are traded separately from the corresponding RES-E. The price of 1 (one) GC may vary within a given band of minim EUR 27 to maximum EUR 55, subject to indexation.


Representing the PV industry in front of political and public institutions in Romania;
Providing with continuous information on the latest legislative developments;
Anticipating and interpreting the legislative changes which may impact the PV industry in Romania;
Discussing with the policy makers the current status of the PV industry, RES-E market in general and advising on the most adequate policies for developing the PV market;
Forecasting the PV industry development in Romania;
Organizing working groups to crystallize the common concerns of the PV industry in Romania;
Facilitating business – to – business contacts;
Promoting solar PV industry in Romania;
Raising awareness of the solar PV in Romania;
Providing better visibility of the PV industry in Romania.
Bucharest Corporate Center (BCC) 58-60 Gheorghe Polizu Street, Floor 13, district 1, RO – 011062 Bucharest
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