Territorial Association for Energy and Energy Efficiency launches Energy to the third power


Thursday, May 7th, at the Parliament House, the Territorial Association for Energy and Energy Efficiency is pleased to invite you to the first event in Romania that promotes an integrated approach in the energy efficiency: Efficiency ³.

The EFFICIENCY³ Program aims to build connections and alliances between stakeholders in promoting the sustainable energy and energy efficiency and provide an integrated form of services, products and opportunities for the final beneficiaries (SMEs and the public sector).

The event encourages dialogue between specialists in energy and energy efficiency, the representatives of the regulatory authorities and the representatives of the ministries, with the purpose of implementing the Efficiency ³ Program.

The discussion will be led by the ATE3 representatives, non-governmental organization which has as founding members, professionals with over 10 years of experience in energy and energy efficiency.

Confirm your participation at this event at: office@ate3.ro, tel: 0749219971 or by filling in the application form.


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