ANRM wants to double its staff


The National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM) wants to double its maximum number of posts, from 126 to 240, the main argument being that the institution anticipates the intensification of the petroleum operations carried out on the territory of Romania, which makes it necessary to strengthen the administrative capacity.

„In relation to the tasks of the National Agency for Mineral Resources, especially those in the oil field, where a significant increase in the volume of petroleum operations is expected, the current organizational structure and the number of staff of this competent authority are considered to be reassessed and modified so that ensures the strengthening of the administrative capacity at both central and territorial level”, according to a governmental document quoted by

According to the cited source, it is proposed that the organizational structure of ANRM will be changed by creating the position of secretary general, a body of control under the president of the institution and an internal control department, as well as increasing the number of posts within this public authority, from 126 to 240.


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