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TINIA launches an AI and blockchain-based solution that decentralizes energy distribution

9 February 2023

TINIA Group, a company active in the field of green energy, announces the launch of an innovative technological product, with the support of researchers from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

The TINIA solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and blockchain and aims to decentralize the distribution of solar energy, ensuring lower costs for the energy used, while reducing energy consumption.

The TINIA technology solution was realized through a substantial investment of over 1 million euros and over 18,000 hours of work over the last 16 months, through the dedicated effort of a team of experts with various specializations, including engineers, specialists and programmers.

This combined effort has enabled the realization of an advanced technological solution that can provide a significant impact in the field of energy. The team working on the project took an interdisciplinary approach, using knowledge and experience from fields such as information technology, electrical and mechatronics engineering. This enabled the innovative integration of AI and blockchain technologies into the TINIA solution.

The use of the TINIA solution involves the installation of a small hardware equipment (telemetry and data aggregation system from the photovoltaic panels, production equipment and energy monitoring) that ensures access to the ecosystem of green energy producers located in the vicinity, in order to trade the required energy. A similar equipment is installed at the owners of photovoltaic systems, which allows them to sell, without intermediaries, the energy surplus.

How TINIA works for utilities and energy distributors

Companies owning photovoltaic parks can sell the energy produced to large consumers, now having traceability in the process. The energy produced is assigned a unique digital certificate, which makes it easy to trace the route taken until it is used.

“TINIA technological solution revolutionizes the way in which access to solar energy is made and allows both individual users, large consumers, and owners of photovoltaic systems, individuals or companies, to trade green energy, directly, without intermediaries. The whole process takes place transparently, as TINIA’s approach is to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs, while protecting the traditional network. The solution we are launching will make it more efficient and increase energy reliability, promoting the use of renewable energy sources,” says Radu Puchiu, co-founder of TINIA Group.

“Certainly, the solution developed by our partners at TINIA is attracting the interest of the big players in the market. From the interactions so far, we believe that TINIA is the innovation that the entire ecosystem needs. It is the lifeline for the energy system and it is, at the same time, a validation of the ever-higher level of research in the Romanian academic environment,” says Associate Dr. Eng. Dan Stan, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Currently, the TINIA solution is in the Proof of Concept (POC) stage, at the TRL 4/5 level, in terms of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), which involves the validation of the components and/or the assembly in relevant operating conditions.

For the next 3 months, the company aims to conclude collaborative partnerships with major players in the energy market for the development of the first Living Lab – an open innovation testing ecosystem based on a real environment and infrastructure – while afetr 12 months the patent will be finalized and the project will be launched in the EU market.

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