SectorEquipment Provider
DefiningContractor for design, construction and testing for steel structures in the field of power T&D and telecommunication.
Key People Gheorghe Utureanu – General Manager
The company was founded and operates since 1953. Since its establishment until today, the company went through many forms of organization, and since 1995 works as a joint stock company with majority private capital.
From our 1971firma is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the sole manufacturer of prefabricated products for the energy system and is a member of this House dated November 23, 1990.
1st Bercenarului Str. District 4, Bucharest
021. 450.20.11
Latest news
CEMS EPC SA carries out complex engineering projects, procurement & contracting. A rigorous project management and top-level technical skills are the guarantee of performance, starting with the feasibility study, until commissioning. Activities: Design and execution of JT and MT electrical installations, electrical panels, weak currents, automation and instrumentation, HVAC, electric ...
0 CET Bacău
CET Bacau has as main fields of activity the production, transport services and distribution of thermal and electric energy. Aditionally, it has in its portfolio dedicated services for energy technology audits, as well as specialized counsiling regarding the implementation of measure to enhance energy eficiency.
0 CET Brașov
CET Brasov was established in 1986 and has as main domain of activity the generation of thermal and electric power based on brown coal and natural gas. Its main purpose was to serve a whole industrial city. The electric power is delivered into the National Energy System, and the thermal ...
0 CET Govora
CET Govora is a public company whose main field of activity is constituted by production and trade of electric and thermal power;supply operations for materials, hardware and spare parts, fuels, and services; maintenance and repairs for own instalations;delivery of thermal power; distribution of utilities and industrial products (industrial steam, rezidual ...
0 CET Hidrocarburi Arad
CETH Arad SA is a public company under the authority of Arad City Council. The company is the operator of the termic energy public service of this municipality and administers 65,5 km of transportation network, 43 thermic points, and has in concesion from Arad City Hall 94,4 km of distribution ...
0 CEZ România
CEZ Romania is the company coordinating in the name of CEZ, a.s. in the Czech Republic all the other companies in CEZ Group in Romania: CEZ Distribuţie, CEZ Vânzare, CEZ Servicii, CEZ Trade România.
0 CEZ Trade România
The main scope of CEZ Trade is the acquisition and sale of energy on the wholesale market. The company can also sell on the retail market but only standard products and large quantities. CEZ Trade Romania has contracts for energy acquisition with partners from Romania, Hungary and Serbia.
0 CEZ Vânzare
The market leader position is achieved by identification and implementation of the means for raising the life standard of the final consumers. The top companies are implementing a culture in which all organization members have the knowledge of the market and the product. CEZ Romania is aware of the important ...
0 Cheiron International Operations
The company is actively screening for additional opportunities in mature markets where its core technical skills are in demand. CPC is an affiliate of PICO International Petroleum, the leading independent Egypt-based E&P company. CPC specializes in revitalizing and optimizing production at small and medium-sized mature fields, where its interests span ...
0 Chevron Romania Exploration and Production
Chevron began its activity in Romania in 2010. That year, Chevron was awarded three onshore blocks in the Constanta County in southeast Romania: EX–17, EX–18 and EX–19 in the 10th Romanian Licensing Round. These blocks comprise approximately 670,000 acres (2,700 sq. km). In March 2012, Chevron obtained concessions for these ...