ROSHA – Romanian Association of Microhydroenergy

ROSHA – Romanian Association of Microhydroenergy
NameROSHA – Romanian Association of Microhydroenergy
Key PeopleBogdan Popa - President
Objectives ROSHA aims to support companies from the small hydropower community, promote actions of interest from the hydroenergy industry.
Romanian Association for microhydroenergy or ARMHE is a member of the European Small Hydropower Association - ESHA (;
Provides cooperation on the common interest - small hydropower with: associations and interested companies, manufacturers and equipment distributors for small hydroplants, builders, investors;
Represents the interests among authorities who develop laws and regulations of energy production through active involvement;
Informs daily at european and national level, in terms of: direct legislation and regulations (of the electricity production) and indirect (eg environmental);
Interceding cooperation with associations, companies and other institutions in Romania, Europe and even outside Europe;
Encouraging participation and guidance of members - individuals and institutions - international programs;
Organizes training courses for specialists in hydropower and renewable energies;
Organizes and conducts conferences, seminars, round tables in the small hydropower, to which association members benefit from preferential fee;
Offers reduced participation fees for low-profile members of the association at conferences abroad, Example HIDROENERGIA, organized every two years by ESHA;
Collaborates on the development of national programs or international agreements together with European specialists together under the ESHA.
22 Farm Road, 0077160, Popesti Leordeni, Ilfov county, Romania
+40720528266; +40722620502
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