PATRES – Renewable Energy Producers Organization in Romania

PATRES – Renewable Energy Producers Organization in Romania
NamePATRES – Renewable Energy Producers Organization in Romania
Key PeopleDr. Viorel Lefter, president
George Niculescu, director of patronal programs
Mihai Verșescu, general secretary
Objectives Renewable Energy Producers Organization in Romania started back in 2014 on the initiative of a group of producers of energy from renewable sources, dissatisfied with frequent changes of legislative framework and with inconsistencies between this legislative framework and the realities and needs of producers. At the moment, the organization gathers 84 companies, producers across the spectrum of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro and biomass), representing companies with a have combined installed capacity of 500 MW.
Some of the member companies:
Green Vision (56 MW, solar)
Elsid Titu (55 MW, hydro)
Wiener Energy (21 MW, hydro)
Covasna Estival 2002 SA
6 Maria Rosetti St, 2nd level, sector 2, Rosetti Tower, Bucharest
+0040725948090, +0040214043229
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