Apator SA

Apator SA
NameApator SA
Key PeopleJosef Kalleder - Manager Regional Romania
Objectives We are operating in the Romanian market for 14 years, and in this time we managed to develop strong partnerships with both large companies in the market, as well as with small and medium enterprises.
The Apator SA is a polish capital group operating in two markets: switchgear equipment and metering equipment. The group unites 14 companies, 8 of which are based in Poland, and 6 of them abroad. Apator SA is the main player as founder and coordinator of the whole group. We are operating in the Romanian market for 14 years, and in this time we managed to develop strong partnerships with both large companies in the market, as well as with small and medium enterprises.
136 Dacia Boulevard, Building G, Sc. 4, Ap. 6, Craiova, Dolj
+4.0745.267.192, +4.0351.808.176
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