What will ANRE do with the money from GEO 114: Buildings energy efficiency in two weeks in Parliament – Nagy-Bege


ANRE will receive four to five times more money from the market, following the implementation of Government Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, modified by GEO 19/2019, and the funds will be directed towards the energy efficiency of public buildings. And the regulator has finalized in this regard a memorandum that will be submitted in the next two weeks to the coalition and the government, Zoltan Nagy-Bege, deputy chairman of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), told energynomics.ro.

“We have tried to diminish the effects of GEO 114, we have introduced some exceptions, such as applying only once to the electricity and gas chain, etc. ANRE’s revenues are four to five times higher than in the previous period. We have finalized a memorandum that will be presented to the government and parliament in about two weeks by which this money will be allocated to energy efficiency projects – by making public buildings more energy efficient,” said Zoltan Nagy-Bege.

The first funding of projects will take place next year, as 2019 will be the year for collecting new taxes. In order for the allocation to take place, two laws, the ANRE organization and functioning, in order to allow the authority to grant funding under this new facility and the energy efficiency laws must be amended, the ANRE official explained.

Among the changes that have taken place recently in ANRE’s leadership have been the assumption of the position of general manager by Silvia Ciornei, who has experience in project funds dissemination as a former SME minister, and who will deal specifically with this project, Bege said.


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