We released the 28th issue of the Energynomics Magazine – the 3rd edition fully accessible online!


The 28th edition of Energynomics Magazine was launched on Friday, October 16th; it is fully and freely accessible like all the other previous 27 editions.


184 pages of interviews, analysis and opinions, fully bilingual are now available for all interested in the present situation of the Romanian energy industry. The printed edition will also be available in the next weeks and we will make sure it will reach, as it has been doing since December 2013, professionals in the energy industry in Romania, the managers of the most active companies and officials from regulatory authorities with responsibilities in the energy sector.

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For them, we address the hottest topics, from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the energy industry, to the investment plans of Romanian companies, from automation and digitalization as solutions for optimizing industrial business, to the promise of power generation from solar sources.

Some ideas

President of Transelectrica’s Directorate, Cătălin Nițu, talks about the decisions taken for fastening the transformation into a dynamic company, with integrated processes and resources. “For the local communities, the sustainable development of the electricity transmission network means the improvement of the quality and the security in the electricity supply”, says Cătălin Nițu. He also addresses the increasingly relevant presence of renewable energy in the national energy mix, which “defines one of our national priorities, namely the integration of production from renewable sources”.

The American company Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG) have launched the Midia Natural Gas Development Project (MGD), after more than $ 600 million invested here. CEO Mark Beacom believes that Romania must remove, as soon as possible, the legislation that prevents Black Sea gas projects: “It is absolutely necessary that legislation that is hostile to investment in the Black Sea, as adopted in 2018, disappear completely”. We have another year until the start of production, so I hope that by then the additional tax will be eliminated,” Beacom told Energynomics.

Răzvan Copoiu is the new General Manager of Signify Romania and 10 other countries in Southeast Europe. Signify has already reached the “zero” carbon free footprint for all its global operations; now it aims to achieve the same goal in Romania.

Decision-makers, experts and managers are also featured in the new edition of Energynomics Magazine.

We maintain an integrated approach on the entire industry, with four distinct sections for each large sector – electricity, oil and gas, renewables, thermo – and a section of general interest.

All previous issues are available in electronic format HERE.

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