Vornicu, CEZ: Changing energy prices increases interest for energy efficiency


Although Romania is far from making the investments predicted a few years ago in the field of energy efficiency, electricity price changes are causing more players to consider such solutions, says Doina Vornicu, Chief Operating Officer (COO), CEZ Romania.

“We are not at the point of progress that we would have expected. Institutions, authorities and consumers are not convinced of the usefulness of such investments. And as long as the business case is not positive, or we can not convince that real money is being saved from it, no one will invest,” says Vornicu.

In addition, there are legislative barriers to such investments.

“The public-private partnership does not work and it is likely that we will not be able to take steps in this direction until it works. But, on the other hand, more and more people are starting to look more closely at savings and energy efficiency because of the cost variation in the price of electricity. ”

“The fact that we have reached our target, as a country, does not mean anything. It means that we do not actually save or work efficiently. The large industry has largely closed … we should not be pleased to have reached our (country) target,” added Vornicu.

The CEZ director says the Czech group is interested in investing in energy efficiency, educating and informing consumers about this area and investing with consumers in projects to increase efficiency.

Consumers must be stimulated by suppliers through investment programs, so that they remain loyal to the companies whose customers are, by added-value services.

“To make profit, you need to grow, and to grow, you have to have money. If those money are used more efficiently for electricity consumers, all those who supply and produce energy will win. So it’s our interest to be close to the electricity consumers, to advise them, to bring in innovative solutions, so tomorrow, and over 10 years, to be their partners. Otherwise, there is already a zero energy price debate in Europe at certain times. And to stay in business, you have to offer something to keep on being your client’s partner: energy services.”

CEZ will offer integrated customer service packages to relieve the customer of certain burdens, be able to have a reduced invoice, optimized processes and a low energy cost, Vornicu explained.

“That’s how we will differentiate ourselves in the market,” she concluded.


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