Virgil Popescu: Energy companies will make investments of about 12 bln. euro in five years, in line with the Green Deal


Minister of Economy Virgil Popescu issued an order asking all companies to approve by June 15 new 5-year investment plans, serious investments, which are in line with the Green Deal. He wrote: “Most companies have already approved them. We are talking about investments of about 12 billion euro.”

In an interview for G4 Media, Virgil Popescu said: Hidroelectrica wants to invest in 300 MW offshore wind farms in the Black Sea, plus 300 MW onshore wind farms, Electrica and Romgaz want to open electricity generation plants, and Romgaz wants to enter the petrochemical area and add a methanol plant in the investment plan. At the Oltenia Energy Complex, there will be units switched from coal to gas, there will be a production capacity of 300 MW on photovoltaics, there will also be production on coal. The coal – gas – renewable mix will allow it to continue its activity even after the restructuring. The reorganization process will begin at the Hunedoara Energy Complex. We will form two separate companies there. One with the power plant from Paroșeni and one with the power plant from Mintia, which is desired and will probably go to the local authorities.”

Regarding reactors 3 and 4, Virgil Popescu said: “We have a strategic partnership with the USA and I want to build reactors 3 and 4 with Canadian CANDU technology. Obviously, in the future consortium, Canadians will have to exist and fund the project with our partners from the USA, NATO and the EU. We couldn’t stuck, like we were for seven years.”

Regarding a project to amend the offshore law, Virgil Popescu said that he wants to unlock investments by amending the law in Parliament, by consensus. “From the public discussions and from what is seen in the political environment, this cannot be done until the parliamentary elections,” Virgil Popescu also said, according to


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  1. Inca o data mi se confirma faptul ca energia geotermala este cu totul neglijata in Romania, chiar si in conditiile Green Deal. Sunt perfect de acord cu proiectele propuse, insa as fi dorit sa vad si o revitalizare a sistemelor de termoficare aflate intr-o stare de permanenta decadere, precum si utilizarea energiei geotermale de adancime pentru alimentarea acestor sisteme. Sunt sute de foraje in vestul Romaniei, foarte bine documentate din punct de vedere tehnic (debite, temperaturi, chimism), aflate in preajma localitatilor, care pot fi foarte bine utilizate in scopul amintit mai sus.

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