Verchere: We need legislative stability for the Neptun Deep project


OMV Petrom continues to be extremely committed to the Neptun Deep project, but it needs clarity and legislative stability “as soon as possible,” Christina Verchere, CEO of OMV Petrom, said on Wednesday.

“Neptun Deep is an extremely important project, it is a necessity for Romania, fundamental to ensure energy security, because we see a decrease of the national gas production, a reduced interconnectivity and higher prices for natural gas. It is an extremely important project for the country and an extremely important project for OMV Petrom”, said Verchere, according to

“We will continue to be open to dialogue with the authorities, so that we have clarity regarding the liberalized market. These are the key requirements and must be solved as quickly as possible to allow an investment of many billions of euros, so that we can provide Romania with the energy security it needs. (…) It is an extremely important project for OMV Petrom and we continue to be extremely engaged towards this project”, Verchere explained.


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