V. Popescu: The suppliers have voluntarily committed to grant discount to the universal service consumers


Home energy consumers who have not changed the contract will pay in the next six months the lowest price offered by their supplier in the competitive market, and the companies have voluntarily committed to do so, the minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“The consumer must be at the center of liberalization, not the supplier, so suppliers must give better prices and fight for him. On Friday, ANRE sewnd in public debate the amendment of the Order, after having discussions with the Competition Council and us, and with suppliers, and amended this Order: extended the contract change period from 30 to 180 days, six months, until June 30, and added one more thing: everyone goes into the universal service market, but suppliers can give a discount on the competitive price – the invoice should be lower month by month, regardless of whether the customer concludes a contract with them, moves out or not. I am slightly dissatisfied, as I would have liked the Order to specify that the suppliers have the obligation to offer the lowest competitive price to the client in their portfolio,” the government official said.

He added that ANRE has discussed with all four suppliers, and they have voluntarily promised to go public with announcements that they will grant this discount to everyone.
“If this happens, then things are normal,” Popescu continued.

If the consumer doesn’t choose anything in six months, then the discount disappears, he added, according to Agerpres. “It means that the consumer wants the universal service, which is more expensive, and remains in this market. According to the Order, the suppliers have the obligation every month to come and offer this information to the customer,” added Popescu.


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