V. Popescu: The gas infrastructure in the rural area will double in the next four years


Bogdan Tudorache

The gas infrastructure has 200 million euros from European funds to develop in the next four years, rising from 35 to 70% the level of distribution in rural areas, says Minister of Economy and Energy (MEEMA), Virgil Popescu.

He says the mayors will benefit directly from ANRE, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Development support.

“We will also have to develop the distribution of gas for heating the population, which is 35% now and we want to double it in four years, and you have seen that the current financial year the Ministry of European Funds is putting up 200 million euro for starting distribution projects this year, and you will probably see in the next period a call for projects for this and in the future financial year other hundreds of millions of euros. And the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Development must get involved in this, along with ANRE, because if we leave the mayors alone to take care of it, they will not be able to. That is why we will be near them and I believe that in the next four years the Romanian gas will arrive in the Romanian houses,” said Virgil Popescu.


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