V. Popescu: ELCEN has the necessary fuel stocks


Bogdan Tudorache

ELCEN has the necessary fuel stocks and meets the technical conditions to ensure a cosy winter for Bucharest residents, says Virgil Popescu, the new Minister of Economy and Energy (MEEMA). “The leaders of the Local Public Administration should not politicize the subject and treat the RADET issue seriously and responsibly,” a statement submitted by enegynomics.ro reveals.

“Following a possible ruling of a court decision against RADET, which could take place on Monday, November 11, 2019, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment informs: ELCEN, the company in the administration of MEEMA, is ready to ensure a quiet winter for the inhabitants of the Capital, the gas quantities needed for the heating season 2019-2020 being ensured on the basis of the contracts concluded with SNGN Romgaz SA Mediaș,” the representatives of the ministry say.

They say that ELCEN has prepared also the necessary alternative fuel stock in the event of peak season with high energy consumption. Thus, ELCEN holds a stock of 12,880 tonnes of fuel, of which 9,735 is useful stock, plus the amount of 16,800 tonnes of state reserve of fuel oil (by ANRSPS).

“Therefore, ELCEN does not encounter any technical or stock problems to cover the entire demand for thermal energy or to deliver electricity in parameters, the only condition being that of taking the thermal agent in legal conditions and ensuring the payment of the consumed thermal agent, by the City Hall.”

The Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Virgil-Daniel Popescu also sent a call to the representatives of the Local Public Administration in Bucharest, who commented on the topic in the public space, to “refrain from politicizing such an important subject as providing thermal energy to the Capital and to treat seriously this responsibility as well as this issue, as well as the administration of RADET.”


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