V. Popescu called all the players of the thermal segment of the Capital in meeting, argues that there are no risks of cessation


There is no risk that Bucharest residents will run out of heat and hot water after RADET entered bankruptcy on Monday, said Economy and Energy Minister, Virgil Popescu.

He said that he urgently called on the heat sector officials at a meeting, at the ministry, as soon as he heard the news of the definitive bankruptcy of RADET.

“We have now called at the Ministry of Economy headquarters the Secretary of State for Energy, the general director of Elcen, the administrator of Elcen – on the way – to see what a quick solution we will find. We need to talk to the City Hall as well. We must find a solution that would not pose any problem for the thermal energy supply of the population,” said Popescu, quoted by Agerpres.

According to him, the City Hall must find a solution through which company or service to take over the energy.

“We will find it together, I do not think we will have differences of opinion on this aspect. That’s why we called on everyone, also Elcen, to come up with a solution if proposals from the mayor’s office will be delayed,” continued the minister.

Asked if there is a risk that the people of Bucharest will be left without heat, he replied: “No, no! The problems are only legal.”

“We have to find the best formula. Believe me, I am heated up… with the problem of heating. At Drobeta Turnu Severin we also found the legal solution to solve the problem. We will find the legal solution, obviously, in collaboration with the Mayor’s office,” he added.


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  1. Nu trebuie sa intrati in panica, noul secretar de stat la energie,care a gestionat multi ani destinele energiei, va veni cu solutiile de rezolvare.Sper sa nu fie identice cu inlocuirea grupurilor pe carbune de la CEO cu regenerabile.A negociat bine Calin, sa traiasca.Mai bine mai tarziu, decat nici-o data,strangeti oamenii de decizie sa discutati.Sper sa nu ajunga Bucurestiul in situatia orasului Drobeta.Energeticianul de la RADET , poate ne explica celor care nu cunoastem energie, care este deosebirea dintre faliment si lichidare controlata.Bucuresteni nu va faceti griji acelasi energetician, asigura incalzirea si apa calda cu regenerabile pe acoperisul blocurilor si cu licitatii in piata de energie termica. Dle ministru,dupa umila mea parere este o singura varianta, discutie cu PM, explicatii ca pentru a asigura caldura si apa calda in Bucuresti sunt necesari pentru inceput 2 miliarde de lei ,pentru 2-3 ani.In acest timp lasati joaca de-a insolventa/falimentul preluati ambele activitati,producerea si transport/distributie, sub aceeasi palarie si dati drumul la treaba.Dl primar de la Oradea parca face din PNL.Poate il rugati sa vina la discutii s-ar putea sa dea solutii importante.

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