Uricani and Paroşeni mines enter “greening” program


The Uricani and Paroseni mines from the Jiu Valley are entering the greening program, after they were closed at the end of 2019. The sites were handed over to the company that won the auction, which will demolish all the surface buildings of the former exploits, according to Radio Romania Actualitati.

The connection of the abatements with the surface, the access wells, are going to be filled with sterile ore, and the perimeter of the former mines will be greened up. The employees of the two mining operations were dismissed from January 1st.

The National Company for Mine Closures Valea Jiului only manages the development of contracts with the companies that demolish the two units, and, after the conclusion of these procedures, will no longer have an activity object.

In the Jiu Valley, there are currently only four mining operations, two of which should have been closed, but have received an extension of the production activity.


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