UPG will install more than 300 KW of green energy


The Oil and Gas University of Ploieşti will become energetically independent next year. Due to several projects, UPG will be a producer of electricity with an installed power of 300 KW, which will ensure the university’s consumption needs, and the surplus will be capitalized to other consumers. The project is realized through the program ESCO (Energy Services Company) and funded by Electrica Furnizare, consists of covering two of the car parks with photovoltaic panels that will produce the energy of the functioning of the university campus, according to zf.ro.

Another project is funded from Norwegian funds through the Innovation Norway program – a hybrid system for energy efficiency using geothermal energy applied at the UPG campus in Ploiesti. The project is in the final stage of technical evaluation. The total value of the project is 2.2 million euros, of which 300,000 euros represents the co-financing supported by the Prahova County Council, and 45,000 euros from the PECEF Tehnica company.

The project consists of heating two buildings of the UPG using heat pumps, using the thermal energy of the water extracted from 8 wells dug at a depth of about 100 meters. The effect will be the reduction of the necessary thermal energy obtained in the classic boilers on natural gas and, implicitly, the reduction of CO₂ emissions.


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